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School District No. 57
Respecting the beautiful unceded ancestral lands, culture and people of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation, McLeod Lake Indian Band and Simpcw First Nation
Policy Manual

The governance and management of public education that is within the jurisdiction of the school district is directed and guided by the policies of the Board of Education.

The Board has the sole authority and responsibility to approve new policies, to make changes to existing policies and to rescind policies. 

Administrative procedures, including appendices, are the jurisdiction of the Superintendent of Schools.  They are included with policies for the purposes of transparency, clarity and ease of use.

Employees have the responsibility to implement and to adhere to the policies of the Board.  Students, parent and the public have the responsibility to adhere to the policies of the Board while on school district property and/or while under school district jurisdiction.

School Act


Bylaw 1 Indemnification.pdf

Bylaw 3 Elections.pdf

Bylaw No. 4 Appeals.pdf


1 Foundational Statements.pdf
2 Role of the Board.pdf
3 Role of the Trustee.pdf
4 Trustee Code of Conduct.pdf
5 Role of the Board Chair.pdf
6 Role of the Vice Chair.pdf
7 Board Operations.pdf
8 Board Committees.pdf
9 Board Representatives.pdf
10 Policy and Policy Development.pdf
11 Board Delegation of Authority.pdf
12 Role of the Superintendent.pdf
17 School District Transportation Services.pdf
23 Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination and Cultural Safety.pdf
24 Indigenous Racial Reconciliation.pdf
25 Provision of Child Care.pdf


1100 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy.pdf
1110 Communications.pdf
1170.1.Rights and Responsibilities of Students.pdf
1170.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Employees.pdf

1221 District Parent Advisory Council.pdf
1223 School Parent Advisory Councils.pdf
1230 Indigenous Education.pdf
1240 Provision of Volunteer Services.pdf
1323 Donations and Sponsorship.pdf
1330 Use of School Facilities.pdf
1340 Educational Heritage.pdf
1350 Adult and Continuing Education.pdf
1660 School Partnerships.pdf

2421.1 Delegation of Responsibility .pdf
2471 Records Management.pdf

3170 Budget Development, Monitoring and Reporting.pdf
3260 Disposal of Surplus Assets.pdf
3293 Financial Services.pdf
3320 Purchasing.pdf
3433.2 Accumulated Operating Surplus.pdf
3434 Audit Committee.pdf
3460 School Trust Funds.pdf
3460.1 Student Resale Accounts.pdf
3513.5 Energy and Sustainable Conservation.pdf
3541.35 Winter Weather.pdf
3542 Food Service.pdf
3542.3 Healthy Food Choices in Schools.pdf

4100 Employee Relations.pdf
4111 Recruitment and Selection.pdf
4111 Relocation allowance schedule.pdf
4112.5 Administrative Appointments.pdf
4115 Teacher Transfers.pdf
4116.2 Respectful Workplace .pdf
4117 SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity).pdf
4119.1 Normal Retirement Age.pdf
4130 Health and Wellness.pdf
4130.1 Occupational Health and Safety.pdf
4130.2 First Aid.pdf
4131.1 Employee Growth and Development.pdf
4133.1 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses.pdf
4144.1 Damage to Employees' Vehicles.pdf
4147.5 School District Vehicles.pdf
4150.1 Leaves of Absence - PGDTA.pdf
4151.11 Workers' Compensation Claims.pdf

5101 Financial Hardship.pdf
5111.5 Ordinarily Resident.pdf
5118.1 Enrolment of International Students.pdf
5118.2 Boarding Allowance.pdf
5119 School Catchment Areas, Registration and Student Transfers.pdf
5119.7 Student Withdrawal.pdf
5123 Student Promotion, Communicating Student Learning and Reporting.pdf
5125.3 Referral and Consent for Special Ed.pdf
5126 District Awards Committee.pdf
5126.1 Springboard to Success Scholarship.pdf
5127.1 B.C. School Completion Certificate.pdf
5131 District Code of Student Conduct.pdf
5131.1 Bus Conduct.pdf
5131.2 Student Conduct Review Committee.pdf
5131.3 Suspension of Students.pdf
5131.4 Student Attendance.pdf
5131.5 Anti-Vandalism.pdf
5131.62 No Smoking or Vaping.pdf
5131.7 Approved School Codes of Conduct.pdf
5132.1 Student Billeting.pdf
5133.2 District Student Advisory Council dn.pdf
5141.21 Anaphylaxis.pdf
5144 Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings.pdf
5145.4 Child Protection.pdf
5145.5 Sexual Harassment of Students.pdf

6114 Emergency Situations in Schools.pdf
6115 Flag Protocol.pdf
6141.1 Summer Project work .pdf
6141.31 Board Authorized Courses.pdf
6141.34 Career Preparation Programs.pdf
6141.35 Course Challenge.pdf
6141.36 Course Equivalency.pdf
6143.1 Acquisition, Selection and Acquisition of District Learning Resources.pdf
6144.1 Controversial Learning Resources.pdf
6145 Student Transportation and Travel.pdf
6153.2 Field Trip Safety.pdf
6172.2 Choice of Programs and Schools.pdf
6176 In-District Student Work Experience.pdf
6179 Acceptable Use of Networks.pdf

7122 Capital Projects - Public Involvement.pdf
7220 School Sites.pdf
7223 Playgrounds.pdf
7550 Opening and Closing of Schools.pdf

Bylaw No. 2.pdf