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School District No. 57
Respecting the beautiful unceded ancestral lands, culture and people of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation, McLeod Lake Indian Band and Simpcw First Nation
Calendar of Public Meetings

Notice - Public Board Meetings:

In accordance with Policy 7- Board Operations

The Board's fundamental obligation is to preserve, if not enhance, the public trust in education, generally, and in the affairs of its operations in particular. Consistent with its objective to encourage the general public to contribute to the educational process, Board meetings and a number of committee meetings will be open to the public. 

3.3. All meetings of the Board will be recorded and recordings will be maintained for a period of twelve (12) months. Recordings of regular and special public meetings will be posted on the website.

5. Public Participation

5.1. Formal Presentations

5.1.1. Individuals or groups may make presentations to the Board or its committees.

5.1.2. The Board Chairperson, in consultation with Trustees, may direct any formal presentation to one of the Board's committees.

5.1.3. The Board Chairperson, or the chairperson of a committee, in consultation with Trustees, reserves the right to decline any request to make a formal presentation.

5.1.4. Generally, the Board will defer any decision on a presentation until Trustees have had sufficient time for study and discussion. Presenters will be informed by the office of the Secretary Treasurer when the topic will be placed on a future Board meeting agenda.

5.1.5. Individuals or groups wishing to make a formal presentation to the Board must contact the Secretary Treasurer's office.

5.1.6. The Secretary Treasurer's office will notify the individual or groups of their inclusion on a Board agenda.

5.1.7. Once the presentation is completed and Trustees have had an opportunity for questions, it is in order for the group to remain or leave the meeting

5.2. Informal Presentations

5.2.1. There shall be a public remarks period of up to 30 minutes following the adjournment of every regularly scheduled public Board meeting, to provide an opportunity for members of the public to make comments to the Board. Public remarks shall be relevant to items on the evening's approved regular public agenda. The Board will listen respectfully to comments, however may not respond to questions during this time.

5.2.2. Members of the public may submit written comments relevant to items on the evening's approved regular public agenda to the Board Chair by email at publicinput@sd57.bc.ca for consideration by the Board. Written submissions must be received by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the regular public meeting.

5.2.3. Individuals or groups wishing to make public remarks must identify themselves and the issue(s) to be presented on a speakers' list which will be available following the adjournment of the regular public meeting.

5.2.4. Each speaker from the public will be allowed five minutes to make comments. At the discretion of the Chairperson, additional time may be allotted.

For further information regarding Board meetings please contact the Executive Assistant to the Office of the Secretary Treasurer at 561-6800, Ext. 301.

2022-2023 Schedule of Regular Public Meetings Revised.pdf