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Little Mudder Challenge lives up to name

June 14, 2019


June 14, 2019 --

Teamwork, smiles and tired legs.

For participants from Prince George and area schools, these were the defining features of the Aboriginal Education Canadian Tire Little Mudder Challenge, which wrapped up its third and final day on Friday at Otway Nordic Centre.

Students had to make their way through a 5.7-kilometre route filled with obstacles and challenges. The Little Mudder wasn't a race but more a test of endurance. To get an entire team from start line to finish line, cooperation was vital – especially when it came to scaling an eight-foot padded and slanted wall in the early stages of the course. Walking along a series of connected boards turned on edge also proved easier with the helping hands of friends. Even the most popular obstacle – a long water and mud pit partially covered by a cargo net – was easier to navigate by working as a team. Getting under the net and then up a muddy and slippery bank on the far side was no easy task for most who tried on their own.

Some of the other tests on the Little Mudder track included carrying medicine balls down a hill and back up again, pulling a tire up a steep slope with the aid of a rope and crossing a lengthy stretch of monkey bars.

At the finish line, the reward for getting that far was a dip in a tank of dirty and chilly water.

This edition of the Little Mudder was the fourth annual.

The event is supported by significant funding from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart national charity. Other supporters/sponsors are Up the Creek Garment Company, Save On Foods, Allen's Scrap & Salvage Ltd., HDFX, Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, JFT Secure, Dairyland, Maple Leaf Foods, Northern Ice Fitness, Prince George Portable Toilet Services Ltd., Local Rental Solutions and the British Columbia Regional Council of Carpenters.