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Lead Mitigation Updates

July 08, 2016

2017.05.01 Lead Mitigation Plan Update 10.pdf

Lead Mitigation - Results April 2017.pdf

2017.04.24 Lead Mitigation Plan Update No. 9.pdf

Lead Mitigation Update – April 20, 2017

The purpose of this communication is to keep you informed regarding the ongoing provision of safe drinking water to our students and staff. 

Activities to Date: 

School District No. 57 (Prince George) remains dedicated to providing safe and healthy environments. 

To that end, and at the request of the BC Provincial Health Officer through the Ministry of Education to all school districts in the province in 2016, SD57 has established a plan to continuously evaluate the water quality in all facilities and to provide mitigation strategies where needed. Identified challenges will be addressed in consultation with Northern Health.

Cross-district water testing in May and June of 2016 was conducted. The services of a consulting engineering company were retained to conduct a series of tests within the district facilities, the Canadian Drinking Water (CDW) guidelines were used as the benchmark for comparison purposes of test results and the school district worked in consultation with Northern Health throughout the process.  Responses were tailored to each situation.

The initial plan called for testing at two locations within each facility no matter the age of the facility.  The samples gathered at 48 locations included a drinking fountain or a sink location which was then sent by the consultant to a lab for analysis.  The initial results showed that seven facilities had a location which exceeded the CDW-guidelines.

Immediate steps were taken by the school district to notify those facilities about the Northern Health flushing requirements. Water coolers were delivered and bottled water provided.

In consultation with Northern Health, School District No. 57 then determined that some locations may have fixtures which were manufactured with lead in the solder.  A plan was developed and fixtures were replaced at one of the locations and samples were gathered and sent away for analysis.  The results came back meeting the CDW Guidelines. Facilities were then directed to cease flushing protocols.

School District No. 57 continues to work with schools where testing has indicated lead levels exceed Canadian Drinking Water guidelines.  Coolers and bottled water are provided where needed.

Ongoing Provisions for Safe Drinking Water: 

In accordance with the Ministry directive and working with the Northern Health Authority, School District No. 57 will systematically move through a testing program that involves approximately one third of our facilities each year over a three year time period.. 

The schedule for testing each group of facilities is shown below. 

SD57 has identified locations for testing with Northern Health and will have the consultant perform the work and submit the samples for testing as scheduled.

Once testing results are available, they will be reviewed with Northern Health and, where indicated, a course of responsive action determined.  Results will be communicated to the public thorough the school district website. 

Individual facilities where testing results indicate a level of lead detected that exceeds CDW standards will receive specific communication regarding the situation identified and the steps that are required to address the concern. 

Lead Mitigation - Results March 2017.pdf

Phase One Testing for March 2017

  1. Beaverly Elementary
  2. Vanway Elementary
  3. Malaspina Elementary
  4. Polaris Elementary
  5. College Heights Elementary
  6. College Heights Secondary
  7. John McInnis Centre
  8. Peden hill Elementary
  9. Pinewood Elementary
  10. Westwood Elementary
  11. Van Bien Elementary
  12. South Fort George Family Resource Centre
  13. PG Youth Soccer Warehouse

Phase Two Testing for March 2018

  1. School District Office
  2. Mackenzie Secondary
  3. Morfee Elementary
  4. Valemount Elementary
  5. Hixon Elementary
  6. Buckhorn Elementary
  7. Blackburn Elementary
  8. Pineview Elementary
  9. Nusdeh Yoh Elementary
  10. Ron Brent Elementary
  11. Harwin Elementary
  12. Spruceland Elementary
  13. Nukko Lake Elementary

Phase Three Testing for March 2019

  1. Prince George Secondary
  2. Lac de Bois
  3. D.P Todd Secondary
  4. Heritage Elementary
  5. Foothills Elementary
  6. Meadow
  7. Highland
  8. Edgewood Elementary
  9. Hart Highlands Elementary
  10. Austin Road
  11. Kelly Road Secondary
  12. Glenview Elementary
  13. Quinson Elementary

Facili ties Opened in 1990 or Later/ Not Subject to Testing

  1. NHA Healthy Living Centre (former Correspondence Building)
  2. Duchess Park Secondary
  3. McBride Secondary
  4. McBride Centennial
  5. Valemount Secondary
  6. Giscome Elementary
  7. Heather Park Elementary
  8. Kool Kats Daycare
  9. Southridge Elementary
  10. Valemount Maintenance Facility

Closed Facilities With No Public Access Not Being Tested

  1. Central Fort George Elementary
  2. Mackenzie Elementary
  3. McBride Maintenance Facility
  4. Salmon Valley Elementary
  5. Shady Valley Elementary

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