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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
Learning that Enriches the Life of Each Student
District Grants and Inquiry Plans

Learning Team Grants

LT Grant Application 2015-16 2.pdf

​Title of Approved Learning Team GrantSchool Attached to Learning Team Grant
​Sight Word Blitzing​Beaverly Elementary
​RTI at Foothills​Foothills Elementary
​FreshGrade for Self Assessment in Core Competencies​Glenview Elementary
​Heritage Embedding Formative Assessment​Heritage Elementary
​Self-Regulated Learning Inquiry​Kelly Road Secondary
​Supporting Vulnerable Readers​Morfee Elementary
​Learning Team​Morfee Elementary
​Sports Nutrition Web Delivery​Prince George Secondary
​Core Competencies Rubric​Prince George Secondary
​Assessment with New Curriculum​Pinewood Elementary
​Ways to Use Puppets in Classrooms for Literacy​Lac de Bois | Heather Park | Peden Hill
​FreshGrade​Morphed Elementary
​Math Journals​Beaverly Elementary
​Enhanced Learning Through Technology​Beaverly Elementary


Innovation Grants

Innovation Grant Application .pdf

​Title of Approved Innovation Grant School Attached to the Innovation Grant
​The Outdoor Classroom​Beaverly Elementary | Ecole College Heights Elementary
​Tablet for Twos​Blackburn Elementary
​Redesigning Assessments in Primary​Buckhorn Elementary
​Chopped 57 Competition​Career Education Department
​YES57 Career Education Department
​Project-Based Learning Secondary Mathematics​College Heights Secondary
​Prince George in the 20th Century​College Heights Secondary
​#ADST - Taking the Curriculum by Storm (Lego Mind Storm)​Ecole College Heights Elementary
​Core Competencies in a Music Room​District Music Teachers
​Using FreshGrade to Capture, Document, and Communicate Student Growth in Relation to the Core Competencies​Edgewood Elementary
​STREAM "some rivers are bigger than others"​Foothills Elementary
​Integration of 1st Peoples' Perspectives into Grade 2/3 Arts​Glenview Elementary
​The Curiosity Project: Designing Competency - Driven Unit Plans for Interchangeable Content with a Focus on Student Choice​Glenview Elementary | Foothills Elementary
​Maker Education in a Rural School​Nukko Lake Elementary
​Pinewood Maker​Pinewood Elementary
​Using the Curricular Competencies to Differentiate in Math​Quinson Elementary | Curriculum Coach
​Read with Art - Respect Environment Awareness & Diversity with ART and the 7 Teachings ​Ron Brent Elementary
​Imagination to Creation​Ron Brent Elementary
​MakerSpace​Southridge Elementary | Spruceland Traditional | Blackburn Elementary | Edgewood Elementary
​Mini Maker Series 1 for Secondary School Teachers (Woodwork)​Prince George Secondary School