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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
Learning that Enriches the Life of Each Student
Human Resources Managers
Lori MacIver:
Human Resources Officer - CUPE 3742 and 4991, Exempt,  Benefits Administrator, Employee Recognition, Employee Growth and Development
​Email: lmaciver@sd57.bc.ca Ph: (250)561-6800 Loc. 230
Royce Norum:
Human Resources Coordinator
​Email: Email: rnorum@sd57.bc.ca Ph:(250) 561-6800 Loc. 239
​Anne Christensen:
Human Resources Officer 

​Email: achristensen@sd57.bc.ca Ph:(250) 561-6800 Loc. 401

Jenny Rankin:
District Principal, Human Resources - PGDTA
​Email: jrankin@sd57.bc.ca Ph:(250) 561-6800 Loc. 231

Cynthia Mangan:
Human Resources Officer - Recruitment & Retention 

Email:  cmangan@sd57.bc.ca  Ph: (250) 561-6800 Loc 241

​Helen Schlick:
Human Resources Assistant  

Email: hschlick@sd57.bc.ca Ph: (250) 561-6800 Loc 340