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French Immersion

French Immersion

Learning two languages can open many opportunities for students.  French Immersion offers a rich learning environment in both French and English for our students.  French Immersion Programs are open to all non-Francophone students in School District No. 57 (Prince George). Students are eligible for entry at Kindergarten to Grade One. District schools that house the elementary program are:  College Heights Elementary, Lac des Bois and Heather Park Elementary School. The secondary component of this program is offered at Duchess Park Secondary. Because this is an optional program, parents are expected to provide transportation. In early French Immersion Kindergarten to Grade Three, students receive all instruction in the French language. Grade 4-7 students receive up to 80% of their educational program in French.  Secondary French Immersion students receive 50% of their program in French for Grade 8 through Grade 10, 25% in Grade 11 and 12.5% in Grade 12.   The subjects taught to students are the same as those taught to English language students, but more of the program is delivered in French than in English. Students graduating from French Immersion programs are able to understand, speak, write and read French with near native fluency.

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Secondary French Immersion is a challenging and rewarding program offered at Duchess Park Secondary School for students from early and late elementary Immersion programs. The aim of Secondary French Immersion is to ensure that a student's competence in French keeps pace with his/her increasing intellectual and general maturity. Continuing Immersion is necessary to maintain the level of French Language skills already achieved and to extend a student's general competence in French.

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