School Bussing in School District No. 57

Each day of the school year, approximately 4500 students ride school busses to and from school, for a total of around 11,500 kilometres a day. District bussing is contracted to Diversified Transportation Ltd., which operates 64 regular and 13 custom routes daily, and they do a remarkable job in maintaining the highest level of student safety.

Registration for regular bussing (policy 3541) to/from a student's home to their catchment area school is included in the school district admission form.

Bus Information Brochure click  here to view.

Parent/guardian(s) may apply for courtesy bussing (policy 3541) on an ANNUAL basis.  

Click here to download a courtesy request form. 

The completed courtesy request form can be returned to the child's school or submitted to the Transportation Department by mail, fax (250-561-6809) or email to  For any other courtesy requests please contact the Transportation Department at 250-561-6802.

Contact School District 57 Transportation Dept at 250-561-6802 for enquiries regarding:

  • Bus Suspensions
  • New bus stops and changes to existing stops; click here for request form.

Contact Diversified Transportation directly at 250-563-5431 for enquires regarding:

  • Bus routes
  • Bus schedules