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Minnie Bjorklund

November 17, 2014

Minnie Bjorklund.jpg

Minnie Bjorklund is a member of Lheidl Tenneh and a part of the beaver clan (Lhumushoo). She was born and raised in Fort St. James and attended LeJac Indian Residential School till she was 15 years old.

Minnie has had many different kinds of jobs; she was a waitress, a tree planter, and nursery worker until she worked for Woodland Plywood, she worked there until retirement. She is a mother, grandmother and a great aunty to many. Minnie enjoys watching hockey and was considered a great hockey mom to both of her boys who played. She also enjoys attending functions to learn, share, and provide a traditional opening or prayer on behalf of her community but only if she's asked by the band and proper protocol has been followed (Call Cheryl if you are unsure of the protocol). Minnie needs lots notice to prepare and sometimes may need a follow-up conversation for clarification. This reminder is because she also serves as the President of the Prince George Dakelh Elder Society, is on the All Nations Council, the Indigenous Elder Advisory Council and Patient Voices Network.

The skills that she brings are kindness, humor, and respect for everyone. She also beads, makes drums and rattles, tie blankets, makes dream catchers and she is also semi fluent in her language-Carrier.