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Sue Perron

March 10, 2015


Sue Perron was born and raised in Saskatchewan before moving to Prince George 12 years ago.  Once here, she became involved with the Métis Elders and has learned from and worked with many Aboriginal Elders in the area.  She enjoys working with children, youth, and adults.  She has been a member of the Nechako Métis Elders Council, and in 2014 joined the Prince George Métis Elder's Society.

Sue enjoys working with crafts and has worked with fabric, clay, natural and other materials.  Her hobbies include making rugs, basic baskets, jewellery, basic weaving, and explorations involving many other methods.  She has undertaken the challenge of learning traditional techniques for various purposes. Her areas of interest  include:  Métis history and culture, the Fur Trade, Pemmican, the Red River Cart, struggles and politics of Métis history, the Métis Sash, traditional uses of plants, and also fun and games.  During presentations, if arranged for in advance, she would offer activities related to the presentation, for example, finger weaving, basic plain weave or twining samplers, making some traditional seasonal foods or other activities such as fun and games.  In addition, she works, when asked, with other Elders in the community, lending her assistance to their presentations and projects.  She enjoys working with students of all ages and is interested in offering presentations to students from kindergarten to grade 12.

Sue loves Nature and has knowledge of plants and their traditional uses for food, medicines and technical purposes.  She often teaches about the plants on field trips and nature walks with all ages of students and adults.  She recognizes the value of literacy and has experience working with all ages regarding reading and literacy based activities.  Finally, she believes in the 7 Sacred Teachings and the cultural values that support them and will offer presentations if requested.

If you have an interest in having Sue Perron in your classroom, please contact the Elders and Indigenous Knowledge FOCI.  Sue prefers to be prepared, so please include class size, age of students, and if there are any special needs students in  the classroom (to ensure preparations for inclusion) when booking.