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SD57 Indigenous Education
Indigenous Early Learning Program

The path to graduation begins long before grade twelve or even primary school; this understanding has guided the creation and work of the Indigenous Early Learning Program. The Early Learning Program focuses on StrongStart, Head Start centers and transitioning young students and their families into kindergarten. The Early Learning Program includes support in implementing culturally relevant content and assisting education professionals in understanding Indigenous worldviews around parenting, family structure, and kinship models, as well as developing more specific content as requested by district employees.

The Indigenous Early Learning program works with local nations, organizing structured play groups, providing resources and supports to community workers and daycare centers, and developing a forum to meet with families and guardians to discuss strategies and build relationships.

The Indigenous Early Learning Program, also maintains relationships with community organizations such as the Prince George Native Friendship Center (PGNFC), Central Interior Native Health, Prince George Public Library and College of New Caledonia to strengthen the ties to our local First Nations and ensure the program is including the latest, best practices. Overall the Indigenous Early Learning program reflects the departmental recognition that Indigenous graduation rates cannot climb in the long term without cultural relevance in and family engagement at the earliest levels of education.

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Lisa Provencher

Indigenous Early Learning Coodinator

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