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Aboriginal Education Department
Five Learning FOCI


The Aboriginal Education Department has adopted Five Learning Foci that are relevant to Aboriginal Education they are: Culture and Indigenous Knowledge, Elders and Language, Rediscovery, Restitution and Restorative Practice and Youth Leadership. The Five Learning Foci have a trained facilitator within the focus that work towards weaving Aboriginal Education into schools and classrooms. Each Family within the Family of Schools structure is given an Aboriginal Learning Focus for the school year and the family works towards building their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Education. Students are provided with experiential learning opportunities that involve one of the Five Learning Foci, this helps to build awareness, understanding and genuine respect for Aboriginal Worldviews, History and Perspectives. Educators within the family structure are provided with Professional Development opportunities in Aboriginal Education. This helps to garner a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Peoples, Culture and Histories. Click on the links below to discover more about each FOCI.   

To book FOCI in your school, please visit District Communications, Ab Ed, FOCI Booking Form.

mel 2.jpg 

 Melissa Morin

250-562-4843 Local 217 





 Restitution and Restorative Practice

 Angela Sanderson

250-562-4843 Local 216


  ‚ÄčCulture and Indigenous Knowledge

Cheryl 2.jpgBonita Seymour Howard Gibbon 

250-562-4843 Local 209



 Elders and Language




Aleah Johnson

250-562-4843 Local 206





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Patrica Lunden‚Äč

250-562-4843 Local 219



Youth Leadership