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SD57 Indigenous Education
Social Work Program

The Social Work Coordinator is based out of the Indigenous Education Department and works closely with all schools to ensure that the request for Social Work support is being distributed to the Social Work team ensuring that our students' needs are being met and that they are receiving support. 

If you have a Social Worker that is attached to your building the request for service is made directly to the Indigenous Social Worker.  If you do not have a Social Worker attached to your building the request for Social Work Support is sent to the Social Work Coordinator in the Indigenous Education Department and they distribute the referral to a Social Worker on the Social Work Team who will then work with the school to determine the need and level of support required for the student. Social Work Brochure.pdf

Any questions or concerns please contact the Social Work Coordinator:

april sm.jpg 

April Hendrickson

Social Work Coordinator

250-562-4843 Local 214