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Aboriginal Education Department
Northern Husky Sports Program

The Aboriginal Education Department, of School District No.57, provides students an opportunity to participate in a 'no-cost' organized sports. The sports program consists of several activities including Ice Hockey, Floor ball, Curling, Floor hockey, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Tennis, Basketball, with more initiatives to come. Our program is based on the student-athlete model. The student athlete model indicates, approximately 84% of student-athletes achieve graduation.  Our goal as Coaches is to be role models to students, remove barriers to participation and use athletics as a gateway to increase student connectedness to school. We aim to provide a fun, structured and culturally safe environment for the students to develop a sense of belonging and mastery.

For more information or for a full list of programs and services offered please contact us.


            Lance Potskin

                250-562-4843 Local 213