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Buckhorn Elementary
Where we Reach for the STARS!
About Us

Welcome to Buckhorn Elementary

Our students are STARS!

Safety!        Teamwork!         Acceptance!      Respect! & Responsibility!       Success!

Buckhorn Elementary school has a warm, friendly and encouraging environment. Our teachers work to ensure all our students are successful.  Situated on the outskirts of Prince George City limits, our size and rural setting help promote a supportive family atmosphere.

Along with quality academic programs, we offer a full range of educational support services, a variety of extra-curricular activities including traditional sports, choir, leadership club, social awareness events, and several drama opportunities.

We host "StrongStart" for students up to the age of 5 every Thursday morning from 8:30 to 11:30.


 History:  In 1931, Buckhorn School consisted of 2 classrooms. The present building began in the sixties with additions in 1972 and the last in 1976 which included a library and gymnasium.

Demographics:  Most children who attend Buckhorn School come from families who prefer the rural, independent lifestyle on small acreages over dense city living. Families from all walks of life and economic well being are represented.

We offer:  Buckhorn School is a warm, friendly, encouraging and growth oriented environment. Teachers are empathetic, patient, professional and have a tremendous will to succeed. A family atmosphere permeates the halls.

  Parents are invited to participate. Parents form the backbone of the school. Parents are involved as helpers in the classroom, fund-raisers for special events and have input into all manner of school operations.


Communication Mediums:

Newsletters:  Children bring home an informative newsletter regularly or the newsletter is emailed to a parent/caregiver. Its contents include special events, field trips and activities that are happening in the school.

Monthly Assemblies:  The regularity of the assemblies provides an opportunity for teachers to acknowledge achievement of students.

Report Cards:  One of the most important ways of communicating with parents.

Parent Advisory Council:  This organization has been very active in terms of fund-raising, special activities (e.g. Christmas Store). The group meets the second Wednesday of each month to advise on policy, receive progress reports and plan special events.

Open House:  Each year the school has one or more open house sessions. Parents are invited to the school barbecue and their children's classroom.

Social Events:  There are numerous special events such as the Christmas concert, basketball tournament, spring fling, annual sports day, regular field trips and cultural events.