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College Heights Secondary

College Heights Secondary is a catchment school. You must live in the College Heights catchment to attend. Please click on the following link to check if your address is in our catchment.


To complete the registration package you must fill out all of the forms in the registration package plus a Course Selection sheet.  As well, proof of address, birth certificate and last report card are required.  Please email all paperwork to ​tgendron@sd57.bc.ca

2020-2021 Registration Form.pdf

2020-2021 Records Request.pdf

2020-2021 FOIPOP.pdf

2020-2021 Medical Alert Form.pdf

2020-2021 Course Guide.pdf

2020-2021 Grade 8 - Course Selection.pdf

2020-2021 Grade 9 - Course Selection.pdf

2020-2021 Grade 10 - Course Selection.pdf

2020-2021 Grade 11 - Course Selection.pdf

2020-2021 Grade 12 - Course Selection.pdf

If you need more information check our programs page or contact the school 250-964-4431.