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College Heights Secondary

Mrs. Spike         mspike@sd57.bc.ca       A-F; U-Z surname

Mrs. Parker       mparker@sd57.bc.ca    G-O surname

Mrs. Manhas    rmanhas@sd57.bc.ca     P-T surname (morning only)


  • Which grades qualify for spares? Grades 11-12
  • How can I apply for a spare?  Come visit the counsellors
  • How can I change a class?  Phone or visit the counsellors
  • What can I do about bullying?  Talk to the principal/counsellors 
  • How can we contact you?  Website and/or drop in to the school
  • What do I do if I know before grade 11 that I want to get into a trade?  CTC info 2016-17.pdf  or see your counsellor


Course Change or Dropping a Course

  • Add/Drop Course Forms must be picked up from the office or your counsellor and require parent and counsellor signatures. After the deadline signatures are required by the teacher, parent, counsellor and administrator to drop a class.

2016-2017 Grad Transitions.pdf, please see a counsellor before filling out the forms . Transistions are due January 20, 2017.

  • Health.pdf
  • Community.pdf
  • Financial_Planning.pdf


Grade 12 students who are applying to a post-secondary institution must complete the Online PSI Selections Form by June 30 if they have not already done so.  Admission offers may be delayed or denied if students do not authorize the release of their transcript data via the PSI Selections Form.

Students wishing to have their marks forwarded in the early admission transfer to BC Electronic PSIs and the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) must submit their selections by April 30.

Further instructions are available at:


Provincial Exam Schedule