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Centre for Learning Alternatives
School District No.57 Career Programs

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​​Are you working in a trade this summer?
Register for Youth Work in Trades and start earning your ITA hours! 
Click the following link to see if you qualify to start earning ITA hours while you work! http://youth.itabc.ca/programs/work/ 

*For more information you can contact Bruce Northrop by calling 250-564-3121 Ext. 2402 or by email bnorthrop@sd57.bc.ca. 


Upcoming Events in 2017:​​

Look for our Career Awareness Progams!

Starting October 2017: 

  • Junior Fire Crew
  • Women in Industry
  • CNC Arts & Humanities 

November 2017: 

  • Kindergarten Health Circuits
  • YES57 Senior Competition
  • RCMP Youth Academy Interviews
  • CNC Science Day
  • ITA Youth Day

December 2017: 

  • COFI UNBC/CNC Tours 

*Dates are subject to change* 

School District 57 Students at Women in Industry - October 2016​




Stay Tuned for Information on:​



There are currently no events.