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Centre for Learning Alternatives
Registering a student Gr.8 - Gr.9

Students in grade 8 and 9 must be registered full time in Distance Education, and cannot be cross-enrolled in more than one school.  With this in mind, please review the information below carefully before contacting CIDES to register in grade 8 and 9 courses.

These courses are not set up for continuous year round entry like those for GR 10-12 students.  Instead, there are two times during the school year where GR 8-9 students can enroll: September for Term One and January for Term 2.  All courses MUST be completed one week before the end of the semester for grades 8 and 9.  A final mark will be generated at the end of each semester.  Students who do not pass these courses have the option to complete them in summer school.

NOTE: Distance Education is not suitable for all students; and there are many factors to consider when you are homeschooling your child.  We recommend contacting our GR 8/9 Academic Advisor to discuss the pros and cons of the distance education program prior to withdrawing a student from his/her home school. The advisor can help determine if your child is well suited for this program.

After consulting with the advisor, make an appointment to come into the office.  Before the appointment:


 Download the application form and the Consent for Release form and fill them out.


 Print the Student Learning Plan and fill out as much as possible.


 Make an appointment with our Academic Advisor Jason Olexyn to register for the appropriate courses by calling our office at 250-564-6574 or emailing jolexyn@sd57.bc.ca.


 Obtain a withdrawal form and the most recent report card from the student's current (home) school.

​5)​Complete the online registration assignments using the passwords you receive from the Academic Advisor.