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Centre for Learning Alternatives
Mr. Charest

​​Welcome to Eric Charest's Math and Physics Website. Information here will help you to achieve the goals you have set for your courses. The FAQ's will answer many questions you have.  Be sure to read the "Ways to Access Help with Your Course" below.

FALL 2016 to SUMMER 2017:  I will be completing my masters degree over the next year, which will require me to take some Fridays and Mondays off.  I will try to keep everyone posted about my absences, but please verify I am in the building on Friday or Monday.   I will try to answer questions sent via email during my absences (when possible).  

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The best ways to keep in touch and get help. Include your first name, last name, and course in the Subject. Be sure to refer to module, section, textbook, and/or page number.
​Phone(250) ​564-6574 or toll free 1-800-661-7515, local 2067
If leaving a message, speak slowly and clearly. Repeat your name and phone number.

Some import things to be aware of

Course​ Outlines

Your course begins with an outline, a personalizable timeline, and grading information.  Be sure to read it.


To ensure your time is not wasted, email or call to book an appointment to ensure that I will be available to meet with you.

Academic Probation and Withdrawal

Students must be actively working on their courses on a regular basis as indicated by submission of assignments, test completion, or communication with their teacher. Lack of regular activity results in a student being placed on Academic Probation. Continued lack of activity then results in withdrawal from the course. Contact me if you need more than three weeks to submit your next assignment or write your next test, or if you are getting behind. It is your responsibility to communicate your circumstances to your teacher.

Ways to Access Extra Help with Your Course

1.     Call or email me 250-564-6574 (1-800-661-7515) for assistance on quick questions for:

    • something you've read or needing directions in your course
    • an example you can't follow
    • a self-marking question you are having trouble on and can't follow the answer keys
    • a hint on a send-in assignment

​​       Email messages allow for the return of an explanation or links to online helps

​2.     In your online course, you will find a "LINKS" section with ones that are available for your specific course.

3.     C​IDES teaching staff are unable to provide 1-on-1 tutoring. If a student is experiencing difficulty with a CIDES course, a parent or guardian or the student often must look to find home support through family, friends, or a tutor that they arrange for independently of CIDES. Students who need 1-on-1 tutoring will need to seek a tutor

4.     Be sure to ​check the Student Support​ page for additional information, FAQ's, technical support, Provincial Exam information, and CIDES scholarships and bursaries.