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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How long does it take to get an assignment back?
  2. Do I have to ​do all the work or can I just write the tests? Can I challenge the course?
  3. Can I just do the assignments and write the tests later?
  4. Can I write a test if I haven't completed all the send-in activities?
  5. Can I take an online test?
  6. How do I take a test? What do I do?
  7. Can I re-write a test?
  8. Do I have to do the practice and self-marking activities?
  9. Can I redo an assignment?
  10. Academic Probation?
  11. How long do I have to finish a course?
  12. Can I get an extension for my course?



1.   H​​ow long does it ta​ke to get an assignment back?

​It takes anywhere from 3 - 10 days depending on the time of year, the course, and where you live.

2.   Do I have to do all the work or can I just write the tests? Can I "Challenge" the course?

You must do all the send-in activities and write the tests. Any work not submitted receives a mark of zero. Students wishing to "challenge" a course must do so before beginning the course. Students considering a course challenge must contact the appropriate academic advisor to arrange to proceed with a course "challenge".  Students may wish to familiarize themselves with the School District Policy on course "Challenge" before meeting with their academic advisor.

3.   Can I just do the assignments and write the tests later?

No. You must write the test as you complete each Module. You only set yourself up possibly failure, by leaving them for later when you may have forgotten much of the material.

4.   Can I write a test if I haven't completed all the send-in activities?

No. You must complete all send-in activities first before writing a test. If a student writes a test without completing the send-in activities (assignments) the test will be retained until all the send-in activities that pertain to that test are received and marked, at which time it will be marked and recorded.

5.   Can I take an online test?

At this time we are working on developing online tests. We have the technology in place but do not have the tests developed. There is considerable development time required to create a large number of unique tests. It is a work in progress.

6.   How do I take a test? What do I do?

Taking a test is easy.

Out of Town: If you are out of town, you need to set up arrangements for a test supervisor. You should have received a letter and a green card that the test supervisor must fill out and send back to the school. If you did not receive those with your course materials, contact your teacher.

I​f you are in town: Contact the school at (250) 564-6574 or toll free at 1-800-661-7515 and tell swithboard that you want to arrange to write a test. The school is only open certain hours and certain days for test writing. They will put you in contact with the test supervisor to book your test. You will need to identify which course you are taking and in some cases which version. Don't say math 11 because there are 3 different Math 11 courses. Tell them exactly what course it is you are taking: Apprenticeship Math 11 or Foundations Math 11 or Pre-Calculus Math 11. If you do not know the version of the course you are taking, contact your teacher.

7.   Can I re-write a test?

As of April 1st, 2007 a new policy regarding test re-writes was implimented at CIDES. Students are no longer allowed to re-write tests. However, students may be allowed to re-write a test, under special and extenuating circumstances. Good study habits and note taking will help to prepare you for each test. Any variation from this policy will be noted in your course outline.

8.   Do I have to do the practice and self-marking activities?

Send-in assignments should not be attempted until after you have read through the study guide, examined all examples, and done all practice and self -marking activities. The practice and self-marking activities are to help you find out your level of understanding of the material in that lesson. They are an important part of the learning activity in your courses. If you are having difficulty with the practice you need to get help (or contact me) at that time.. not after you send work in for marking..

If your send-in assignments indicate that you are not using the study guide to help you learn and/or not doing the practice work, you will be required to submit your practice work with all future send-in assignments. From that point on send-in assignments will be returned unmarked if the practice work is not of sufficient quality for success on the send-in assignment.

9.   Can I redo an assignment?

Students are not allowed to "redo" assignments. Do your best work first. Seek help as needed.

10.   Academic Probation?

If you are placed on Academic Probation you stay on Academic Probation throughout the term of your course.

11.   How long do I have to complete my course?

You have one (1) continuous year to complete your course. At the end of the year, you are assigned zeros for all work not completed and a final mark is given in the course.

12.   Can I get an extension to my course?

No there are no course exten​sions, Only in extreme medical or family emergencies.