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Grad Transitions


Grad Transitions Program Materials

Learn more about the CIDES Grad Transitions Program (PowerPoint)

CIDES Students in Grade 12 who plan to graduate in June need to contact Mr. Jason Olexyn at 250.564.6574 or jolexyn@sd57.bc.ca to confirm their Graduation Transitions planning. 

Grad Transitions involves 3 main components.  Most of the forms and documents linked below are available in editable MS WORD and printable PDF formats.  Choose the format that works best for you.

Review this CHECK LIST to make your plan for completing the program before graduation.

Personal Health

Physical Activity Log (DOCX)
Physical Activity Log (PDF)

Food Diary (DOCX)
Food Diary (PDF)


Community Connections

Community Connections Overview (DOCX)
Community Connections Overview (PDF)

Work Experience Confirmation Letter (DOCX)
Work Experience Confirmation Letter (PDF)

Community Connections Assignment (DOCX)
Community Connections Assignment (PDF)


Career and Life

Career & Life Overview (DOCX)
Career & Life Overview (PDF)
Resume Template (DOCX)
Resume Template (PDF)

Career & Life Written Assignment (DOCX)
Career & Life Written Assignment (PDF)



A presentation is mandatory

Each student will present their transition plan and showcase significant accomplishments to the Graduation Transitions teacher in an interview format. 

There will be a sign up for interviews in March and April, however, students may opt to arrange for an interview at an earlier time. 

Contact Mr. Olexyn for more information.