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Welcome to the website of Grace Waddell. You will find information here about how to contact Grace and about the Humanities courses that she teaches. The Humanities courses include English and Social Studies courses listed below.​

Contacting Grace Waddell

You may contact Grace by email or phone. When you email please include your name, course and module in your subject line. When you phone please mention your first and last name, phone number, course, and module about which you are asking. If you do leave a message you might also want to ask your specific question to avoid playing telephone tag. Grace will phone you back and leave you a message with the specific answer to your question if possible.

Phone:  250-564-6574 ext 2065         Fax:  250- 563-5487               Email:  gwaddell@sd57.bc.ca

Accessing Your Course

Follow the course link below to access your course: ​

English 8                                                

English 9                                                

English 10                                              

English 11                                             

English 12                                         ​

Communications 11

Lesson Helps

There are a number of Lesson Helps for the above courses that will aid you in achieving your best work.  Be sure to explore/examine these helps.  They include Writing Tips; Grammar Notes; Editing Procedures; etc.  At the least, every student must view "Writing Tips" :)​