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How will I get my Dogwood or Transcript?


If you are an Ungraduated Student:

  1. And you are a student ONLY REGISTERED WITH CIDES:
    Your course mark is submitted by CIDES to the Ministry of Education.  When received and processed, the Ministry will send a copy of your transcript/dogwood to CIDES and a copy to the student.  The Official certificate is sent to CIDES for an official signature from the school.  The Official Certificate is then forwarded from CIDES to the student once the official signature is completed.  Allow 4 - 6 weeks for the arrival of your official copy.  Follow up with CIDES.
  2. And you are a student REGISTERED AT ANOTHER SCHOOL (your home school):
    Your course mark is submitted by CIDES to your home school who will then process all documentation on your behalf.  Follow up with your home school.


If You Are a Graduated Student

  • Your transcript will be sent to the student address at the end of July by the Ministry of Education.  For further information see the Ministry of Education website regarding transcripts.

Ministry of Education Link Regarding Transcripts