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Hixon Elementary
Reach for the Stars!
Jun 15
June 2016

​Thank you, everyone, for all of your continued support of the learning that is happening at Hixon Elementary!   Although the school year is winding down, we continue to have high expectations for student behavior and academics.  For the last month of the school year, staff continue to work hard to maintain structure and routine for the students. Please ensure that your child continues to get a good night sleep and arrives to school on time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hixon community for an amazing year!  I feel privileged to have worked with such a dedicated staff and wonderful parents and students.  You have a very special school here at Hixon and this has been a great experience for me.

PAC and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon:  June 29, 2016.   Starting at 12:30 pm

Volunteers and parent helpers are very important in a school setting! Thank you to all of the parents who have helped out in one way or another throughout the year. From driving for field trips to making the yearbook to volunteering in the classrooms, raising money, and serving hot lunch to students and much more, we couldn't do it without you! Thank you, everyone! 

In appreciation of your efforts on the PAC and volunteering in the school we would like to provide a light lunch for you on June 29, 2016 at 12:30 p.m.

Year End Awards  Assembly:   June 29, 2016   Starting at 1:30.   (Last day of school.)

Sports and Activities:

Track and Field:   Thank you to Ms England for taking a group of Hixon students to Masich Place to compete with other schools in these activities.

Swimming:  The Hixon students were swimming in April.   Congratulations to the students who achieved success in their lessons.   A big thank you to the PAC,  the Novak Foundation, and Mr. Art Kaehn (Fraser Fort George)  for subsidizing this program to keep costs down for families!

Staffing:  We are at the threshold of hiring teachers for September.  Stay tuned for who gets the jobs!

Next Year:   School planning is underway for next year already! If you plan on moving, or know someone who is, please let the school know. This helps us tremendously! Thank you!

Have a great summer!      Mr. Czechmeister


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