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Hixon Elementary
Reach for the Stars!
Jun 02
May - 2016

We will be very busy during the months of May and June with upcoming events and field trips.  Please keep a close eye on your child's planner for information and field trip forms.

We have already finished our swimming lessons for the year.  Thank you to the regional district and PAC for sponsoring them again this year.  This is such a great opportunity for our kids.

Sports and Field Trip Activities

  • May 19 we go to the PG Playhouse for Jr. Aladdin
  • June 3 Ms. England is entertaining the idea of getting a group of students together for Track and Field for early June:  Stay Tuned for more information
  • June 6 the whole school goes to Ness Lake for the day.
  • June 16 is the combined Fun Day / Sports Day.  Lunch for students provided by the PAC.
  • June 21:  We are planning to go to Dunkley Lumber and the Dairy Farm to tour these facilities.


Explorations for Primaries and Intermediates has started and we are enjoying a variety of activities.   In Primary, students are making bridges out of popsicle sticks, and today they are taking an egg for a ride in a boat that they build, and more to come.  The Intermediates chose between Cross Stich and Knitting, FiLo (making beads and doing crafts) and some are building Model airplanes and learning about flight!

Positive Behavior Support

Our school works hard to focus on Super STAR behaviour expectations every day (Safety, Teamwork, Acceptance, Respect and Responsibility, Student Success). We gather together as a school and participate in activities to build school spirit and celebrate positive behaviour.  In May we are focusing upon "Success" and ways that we can achieve success both in and out of school.

School Greenhouse Project: 

Plans are underway to begin growing plants in school this spring!    Student plants were sold at the recent PAC garage sale.  We are also coordinating with the school district the building of the already purchased Greenhouse provided by the PAC.  Stay tuned for more details. 

Next Year:  

School planning is underway for next year already! If you plan on moving, or know someone who is, please let the school know. This helps us tremendously! Thank you!  Our enrolment will be 37 students in September if no one moves away!

We look forward to the Blue Grass festival on the Long Weekend in May!

Mr. Czechmeister


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