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École Heather Park Elementary
School District 57 (Prince George)
Staff Directory
Mr. Parrish Childpchild@sd57.bc.ca​Principal
Mr. Dave Holmes​daholmes@sd57.bc.ca​Vice Principal
Mrs. ​Erin Norwoodenorwood@sd57.bc.ca​Senior Secretary, Records Clerk
Ms. Tanya Dunningtdunning@sd57.bc.ca​Secretary

Mrs. ​Niki Beach

Mr. Eric Beaulieu



​Kindergarten, Div. 1
​Mrs. Donna McLachlan​dmclachlan@sd57.bc.ca​Kindergarten, Div. 2
​Ms. Sarah Barthroppsbarthropp@sd57.bc.ca
​Kingergarten / Gr 1, Div. 3
Mrs. ​Carlye Wyercwyer@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 1, Div. 4
Mrs. Angela Wilkinsawilkins@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 1, Div. 5

Mrs. Peta Susan Silver


​Gr 1/2, Div. 6
​Mrs. Katie Harrhykharrhy@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 2, Div. 7
​Mr. Nathan Frost​nfrost@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 3/4, Div. 8

Ms. Maggi Hall


​Gr 2/3, Div. 9
Mrs. Glenda Bracey​gbracey@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 4, Div. 10

​Ms. Brianna Kozak


​Gr 4, Div. 11
Mrs. Val Harmsvharms@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 4/5, Div. 12

Mr. Dean Laupitz


​Gr 5, Div. 13
​Mrs. Kim Meierkmeier@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 6, Div. 14
Mr. Robert Edgeredge@sd57.bc.ca​Gr 7, Div. 15

Mr. Randolph Lockhart


​Gr 6/7, Div. 16

Mme ​Elyssia Sears​esears@sd57.bc.caFI Kindergarten, Div. 30 

​Mme Joelle Gagné


FI Gr 1, Div. 31

M. Luc St-Denis ​lst-denis@sd57.bc.ca​FI Gr 1/2, Div. 32
​Mme Kelly Quesnel​kquesnel@sd57.bc.ca​FI Gr 2/3, Div. 33
​Mme Barb Campbellbcampbell@sd57.bc.ca​FI Gr 3/4, Div. 34
​M. Paul Mulligan​pmulligan@sd57.bc.ca​FI Gr 4/5, Div. 35

Mme Laura Maloney

Mr. John Bowes



​FI Gr 5/6, Div. 36
​M. Marc Lacaillemlacaille@sd57.bc.ca​FI Gr 6/7, Div. 37
Mrs. ​Maria Weisgarber​mweisgarber@sd57.bc.ca​Teacher Librarian
​Mr. Eric Beaulieuebeaulieu@sd57.bc.ca​Tech Ed, PE (Prep), Learning Assistance
​Mr. Peter Marchlewitzpmarchlewitz@sd57.bc.ca​Art (Prep)

Mr. John Mangan


​Hockey Program
​Mrs. Dawn Procterdprocter@sd57.bc.ca​Learning Assistance
​Mme Sandra Gairnssgairns@sd57.bc.caLearning Assistance - French Immersion
​Mrs. Melissa Couture
​Resource Teacher
​Mrs. Kathryn Stedeford
​Resource Teacher

Mrs. Christen Hofferd



​Student Support, Counselor
​Mrs. Krista Radwaykradway@sd57.bc.ca​Band (Prep)
Ms. Christine Zammitczammit@sd57.bc.ca​Strong Start and Educational Assistant
​Ms. Heidi Heerhheer@sd57.bc.ca
​Aboriginal Education Worker
​Mrs. Laureen Lalonde​llalonde@sd57.bc.ca​Library Clerk
​Mrs. Naomi Callaghanncallaghan@sd57.bc.ca​Youth Care Worker
Mrs. ​Laurene Andersenlandersen@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Fiona Andruchowfandruchow@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Sandra Bellamy​sbellamy@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
Mme Melissa Bourquembourque@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant (French Immersion)
​Mrs. Ann Caronacaron@sd57.bc.ca​​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Jessica Doddjdodd@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant

Ms. Ashley Domenisadomenis@sd57.bc.caEducational Assistant
​Mrs. Katie Hirvikhirvi@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Selena Laingslaing@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Isobel Newcombeinewcombe@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Celina Richardscrichards@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Anna Sandbergasandberg@sd57.bc.ca​​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Brandy Thackraybthackray@sd57.bc.ca​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Ellen Wallewall@sd57.bc.ca​​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Julie Waycheshen​jwaycheshen@sd57.bc.ca​​Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sandra Bellamysbellamy@sd57.bc.caCrossing Guard and Supervision Assistant
​Mrs. Debbie Boykodboyko@sd57.bc.ca​Crossing Guard
Mrs. ​Laureen Lalonde​llalonde@sd57.bc.ca​Crossing Guard and Supervision Assistant
Ms. Christine Zammitczammit@sd57.bc.ca​Supervision Assistant
Mrs. ​Merrilyn Griffithsmgriffiths@sd57.bc.caCustodian
Mrs. Barb Longblong@sd57.bc.ca​Daytime Custodian
​Mrs. Tabitha O'Donnelltodonnell@sd57.bc.ca​Crew Chief Custodian




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