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Student Links


A.R. Book Find


Tumble Books


Tumble Book Cloud Junior


"Holes" by Louis Sachar - online quizzes


Raz Kids


Jan Brett - Some fantastic educational Links


Starfall - Exciting phonics games and online interactive books.


More Starfall - More phonics games and online interactive books.


Accessible Books - Online books for Beginning Readers


Clifford - K-gr. 2, Listen/Read stories


Reading Planet - K-gr. 2, Listen/Read stories


Lil Fingers - K-Gr. 1 storybooks


Bookpop - Gr. 2-4, Listen/Read stories


Storycircle/Animals - gr. 2-3, Listen/Read stories


Literature Skills Gr. 1-5, super stories with comprehension  activities


Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Hilarious online book





Study Jams - Interactive site, math help on a variety of topics


Khan Academy-math instructional videos for gr.4+


K-7 Math Games - Lots of fun!


Funbrain - Math Arcade


Math Dictionary for Kids


Count Us In - Interactive, Primary


A+ Math - Worksheets and Games


Kids Numbers - Skills practise, K-7


Cool Math 4 Kids - Games and Brain Benders


Figure This Math Problems


Canadian Coins and Making Change


Math Playground


World Book Kids


World Book Student



Heritage Fair 1


Heritage Fair 2


Culture Grams


Countries of the World


Remembrance Day


Canada For Kids *links to many Canada sites


Geography * facts, activities 


Zoomschool.com * facts, activities


Mapping games


Canadian Atlas *highly interactive


Geography Line Maps


Factbook/Maps *country maps    


Canadian Politics Information


Explorers * Intermediate


Pioneer Life *Pioneer Life, Gr. 3-4


Eco Kids


Study Jams - Science videos on a variety of topics


National Geographic Kids


Classification of Living Things


Internet4Classrooms *Gr. K-7, super science topics


Brainpop *science movies, various topics


All Science Topics *Gr.K-7


Super Science *Gr. 2-6, on-line activities


Machines *simple machines


NASA for Kids *Gr.1-5, interactive space activities


Kids Astronomy -gr. 3-6


Mars *Gr. 3-7-virtual rocket trip to Mars


Urbanext/Insects *Gr. 2-4 slideshow -insects


Urbanext/Plants *Gr. 3-5, solve a mystery


Monterey Bay *a virtual aquarium


Study Jams - Human Body videos and slide shows


Human Body *Gr.3-5, electronic book


Kids Health (Human Body) *Interactive activities to learn about the human body


 Rainforest At Night *Gr. 2-7


Owl Pellet info.


 Natural Resources in B.C.


Learn Now BC-interactive learning games for K-gr.2


Scale of the Universe


Soft Schools - Many different subject areas


Power Proofreading


Word Builder - practise spelling


Scrabble Online


BrainPOP - Many different subject areas


Kidshealth Website - Anti-bullying and health




Dance Mat Typing- online typing practice


Touch Typing * on-line typing program


Jump Rope video


Earth Day


Internet Safety


Kids Health - Internet Safety


Interactive Internet Safety Websites


Canadian Careers


Career Information 1


Career Information 2


Comic Creator


Olympics - official website


Canadian Olympic Committee


10 Famous Winter Olympic Athletes