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Ron Brent Elementary
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Physical Education and Health

Welcome to the Ron Brent Physical Education & Health page

   pe and health.png                                                        Physical Education Philosophy

 Physical Education is a comprehensive developmental program focused on the education of the whole person.  It is an integral part of the total education process and has the same goals that give purpose to all learning experiences.  The interdisciplinary nature of physical education provides opportunities for all children to achieve the knowledge, skills, and values that will develop and enhance their sense of wellness, as well as, improve their health to maximize the quality of their lives.

Physical Education Mission Statement

To develop a quality physical education program that emphasizes enjoyable participation for All students regardless of gender, abilities, in physical activities; to help students develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, social skills and confidence needed to begin and maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle for the rest of their life.

Vision for Physical Education

Every student at Ron Brent will become a physically educated person who:
·          Has the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
·          Acquires the knowledge and skills to stay physically fit
·          Participates regularly in physical activity
·          Knows the implications of and benefits from involvement in physical activities
·          Values physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle                                                            Mr. Lawrence

 Health & Safety

Canada Food Guide  Heart Rate Chart


  Lacrosse - Indigenous Game Introduction  Stick Making

Ron Brent Ninja Course Challenge -

          Level #1                                        Level #2                             Level 3                                                         

     Ninja course level 3 map +.JPG

pe and health.png


Weblinks: gonoodle.PNGcosmic kids.PNG kidz bop.PNGhealth welness.jpeg


How to play: Unit Overviews

Lessons: Skipping - Introbasic tricks, #2tricksadvanced tricks, partner tricks

                Spikeball, FourSquare, Basketball, Hula Hooping,

Stretching : Bobo stretching video