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School District No. 57
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Executive Compensation Disclosure


         The annual executive compensation disclosure reporting for the public sector includes the Province鈥檚 60 public boards of education.

         Under the Public Sector Employers Act, boards are required to report annually on the total compensation paid to the Superintendent/CEO and the next four highest ranking decision-makers earning an annual base salary of $125,000 or more.

         These positions typically include the Superintendent/CEO, Secretary Treasurer, Assistant Superintendent, and potentially Director-level positions.

         Total compensation includes, for example, annual base salary, paid time off including vacation and other leaves of absence, health and welfare benefits, any allowances such as vehicle allowances, etc.

         In addition to reporting the specific compensation information, the annual disclosure report includes a letter signed by the board chair verifying the accuracy of the information provided, as well as a compensation philosophy statement.

         The compensation philosophy, which is broadly developed by the sector鈥檚 employers鈥 association 鈥 the BC Public School Employers鈥 Association (BCPSEA) 鈥 is generally shared by all 60 public school districts and includes the core principles established by the provincial government for the broader public sector.

         The compensation philosophy also confirms that employee performance is a key criterion in the district鈥檚 compensation decisions.

         BCPSEA works with our board and all boards in the province to manage compensation for executive and exempt employees consistent with compensation policy established by the provincial government.

         That work includes review, analysis, development, and administration of competitive compensation packages for our executive and management positions.

         In order to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees in these critical supervisory, management, and leadership positions in our district, we need to maintain appropriate compensation relationships between all positions in our organization, as well as a reasonable level of competitiveness with the external labour market.

         In addition, the BCPSEA compensation management plan requires that proposed increases to any element of the total compensation package for executive and exempt employees covered under the compensation management plan must be approved by BCPSEA prior to implementation by the board.

         The only position not covered under the BCPSEA compensation management plan is the position of Superintendent/CEO.

         Decisions regarding compensation for the Superintendent/CEO are made solely by the board of education.

         The board makes salary decisions for the Superintendent/CEO within the salary range established for the position through our work with BCPSEA.

         Decisions regarding other elements of the compensation package for the Superintendent/CEO are made within the board鈥檚 general compensation package for its management employees and consistent with government compensation and expense policies.

         The board works with BCPSEA to ensure we have current information and apply an approach consistent with the K-12 sector and the broader public sector.

              SD57 2021/2022 Executive Compensation Disclosure