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Back-to-School Updates

If you have questions specific to your child's education,  please contact your school. Click here to go to our Schools page.

If you have questions specific to the school district's approved restart plan, please contact us at: sd57communications@sd57.bc.ca

October 16, 2020 - Updated COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Back to School

The below information was provided from Northern Health that will help clarify the protocols in place for future possible exposures.  The school district recognizes the more clarity provided around the process the more able we are to successfully navigate these potentially difficult times.

In addition, here are two articles from Dr. Henry you may find useful.  

School Exposures/clusters/Outbreak explanations: (scroll down to find school-related information)


October 5, 2020 -

School District No. 57 (Prince George) has revised its Re-Start Plan for the 2020-21 school year based on new guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Health Officer.  The plan, approved by the Ministry of Education, is below in PDF form with updated information highlighted in yellow. The plan provides detailed information about health and safety measures in place so students, teachers and staff feel as safe as possible in our schools. The plan falls within the Provincial COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for K-12 Setting and adheres to the standards and direction set by the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Health Officer, BC Centre for Disease Control and WorkSafe BC.

202010.05 Revised SD57 Restart Plan.pdf

If you have questions about  your child's education please contact your school directly. 
For any questions regarding the School District No. 57 (Prince George) Re-Start Plan, please email to sd57communications@sd57.bc.ca


September 30, 2020 -

Below is a tool for parents and caregivers to assess their child prior to coming to school.  Parents and caregivers are required to assess their child daily BEFORE sending the child to school.

2020.09.14 Daily Health Check for Students.pdf

Below is a self-assessment tool for school district staff and visitors to complete prior to coming into a school or building.  The self-assessment is required daily BEFORE coming into a school or building.

2020.09.14 Daily Health Check for Staff and Visitors.pdf


School District No. 57 (Prince George) is working hard to keep schools healthy and safe for students and staff. As part of this effort, we are using a disinfectant approved by Health Canada in our buildings. Please see the PDF below for important information about safe disinfecting procedures in the district.

SD57 disinfecting procedures.pdf


September 21, 2020 -

School District No. 57 (Prince George) has created a graphic that shows some of the key measures in our updated, provincially-approved Re-Start Plan. To view the graphic, please click on the PDF link below:

Re-Start Plan graphic.pdf


September 9, 2020 -

School District No. 57 (Prince George) has produced a series of videos that demonstrate some of the health and safety procedures in place as part of the district's Stage 2 Re-Start Plan. To view, please click on the links below.

A welcome message from Laurie Bryce

Daily health check for students

 Questionnaire quotidien de santé pour les élèves

 Arrival at school and departure

 Guidelines around sharing and close greetings

How to put on a disposable mask

Riding the school bus


September 3, 2020 -

The Board or Education and Senior Administration hosted a virtual town hall on September 3rd to answer parents' questions regarding the return to school. The recording is available to view through the below link:


September 2, 2020 -

Below are options for school during the 2020-21 school year:

2020-21 SD57 Options for School.pdf


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