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School District Surveys - Edgewood Elementary and French Immersion Programming

June 07, 2018

June 19th, 2018:
Link to the online survey:


Please click on the link, or enter the URL in your browser.

The Survey Deadline Date has been extended and will now be accessible until midnight on Friday June 29th, 2018


Also, if you would like to provide feedback in addition to the Survey, please feel free to send your feedback to the following e-mail addresses, by no later than Friday June 29th, 2018:

For Edgewood Elementary Catchment Feedback: edgewoodfeedback@sd57.bc.ca

For French Immersion Programming Feedback: immersionfeedback@sd57.bc.ca


This survey is for:
- parent/guardian(s) of Edgewood Elementary students (one parent/guardian survey per household)
- parent/guardian(s), staff, and grades 4-12 students of SD57 French Immersion programs (one parent/guardian survey per household)

PIN codes will be required in order to complete the survey, and will be mailed through Canada Post, to parent/guardian(s) of Edgewood Elementary and to parent/guardian(s) of French Immersion students, during the week of June 11th to 15th.

Please see the attached document for additional information on how to complete the online survey. The document also contains instructions on how to complete a paper survey, for parents/guardians wishing to do so (instead of the online method).

June 7th, 2018:
The Board of Education approved consultation plans related to Edgewood Elementary School and French Immersion Programming at the May 29th regular public meeting.  The draft consultation documents appeared in the agenda and can be viewed through the Board of Education section of this website.

Information is expected to be sent to parent/guardian(s) of Edgewood Elementary students and French Immersion students through Canada Post during the week of June 11th and 15th.

French Immersion students grades 4 through 12 will have an opportunity to complete a student survey during the month of June 2018.