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Kindergarten Registration
   Online Kindergarten Registration for September 2022

Opens: early 2022


 If you are applying for any of the below schools CLICK HERE:

  • College Heights Neighborhood Program
  • College Heights Elementary French Immersion
  • Ecole Lac des Bois French Immersion
  • Heather Park Neighborhood Program
  • Heather Park Elementary French Immersion
  • Nusdeh Yoh Elementary
  • Polaris Montessori Elementary
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary
Registration Forms to complete and submit to school


If you are NOT applying for one of the above schools CLICK HERE

 Registration Forms to complete and submit to school


Children whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31, 2022 are eligible to enter Kindergarten in September 2022.  Registration must be completed through our online form, a link to the online form appears above.  

Once the online application has been submitted, all required documents should be submitted to the school within one week to finalize the registration.

Required documents are: 

  • Birth Certificate original
  • Proof of address
  • Care Card or BC Services Card

If more applications are received than available seats the school will hold a lottery outlined in our Policy 5119 School Catchment Areas, Registration and Student Transfers.  You will be notified if a lottery is necessary, to be included in a lottery your completed registration form and all required documents must be submitted to the school prior to the event.  Lottery this year will be determined in early 2022.

Note that registration applications must be made to your catchment school if not applying to a choice school.  If you have applied to a choice school it is not necessary to also apply to your catchment school.  If you do not know your catchment school you can look it up using your home address click here to access our interactive map. 

Choice school catchments are the entire district and can be applied to by anyone living within the SD57 school district area.  These include Aboriginal, French Immersion, Montessori and Traditional.

Choice Programs

Choice Program enrolment totals

  • College Heights Elementary – French Immersion program, Maximum of 40 Kindergarten Students
  • Γ‰cole Lac des Bois – Maximum of 60 Kindergarten Students
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary, Maximum of 40 Kindergarten Students
  • Polaris Montessori Elementary – Maximum of 40 Kindergarten Students

 Lottery Process

  • The names of all students to be included will be placed in an envelope or other suitable receptacle. The names of multiple children of the same age from the same family will be recorded together on one piece of paper.
  • The names will be drawn one at a time and recorded on a list in the order drawn. This list will establish the order in which registrations are accepted.
  • If there is not sufficient space to accommodate multiple children of the same age from the same family, their parents will have the option of accepting spaces for individual children.
  • Those names on the list whose registrations are not accepted will become the wait list.
  • Parents will be informed regarding registration acceptance or wait list status as soon as possible following the draw and prior to the start of the school district's transfer process.

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