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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
Learning that Enriches the Life of Each Student

School District Contacts

Anita Richardson, Superintendent of Schools​(250) 561-6800 Ext. 317
Darleen Patterson, Secretary - Treasurer​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 247
​Cindy Heitman, Deputy Superintendent​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 317
​Jan Cote, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent's Office​(250) 561-6800, Ext. 317
​Diane Nygaard, Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer's Office​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 301
​Lee Karpenko, Assistant Superintendent​​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 317
Kap Manhas, Assistant Superintendent​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 317
​Hannah Brown, Director of Finance
​(250) 561-6800 
​Transportation Administrator​(250) 561-6802
​Royce Norum, Acting Director Human Resources​(250) 561-6800 Ext. 228
​Lori MacIver, Human Resources Officer​(250)561-6800   Ext. 230
​Jennifer Rankin, District Principal, Human Resources - PGDTA ​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 231
​Pam Spooner, Director of Instruction, Indigenous Education​​(250) 562-4843
Rebecca Mundie, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Officer​(250) 561-6800  Ext. 319



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