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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
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Facility Services


It is our commitment to assist the District, its Staff and Students, by ensuring efficient and safe operations of all district buildings, grounds, and equipment.  We feel this goal can be accomplished by offering effective customer relations, a team environment, and quality in workmanship as we strive together towards the mark of excellence in educational learning.


The Facility Services Department is committed to maintaining properties and buildings in such a manner as to ensure the student learning environment will support the educational goals of the district in an effective, safe, comfortable and efficient manner.

Report Vandalism

Our schools are often damaged as a result of vandalism.  You can help!!!  If you witness vandals damaging School District property please call the RCMP at 561-3300 or Telus Security Services at 614-8000.  Your awareness and reporting will assist in reducing acts of vandalism and the costs involved with repairs. 

TO REPORT VANDALISM / GRAFFITI: facilityservices@sd57.bc.ca

About Our Team

Our Facility Services team, comprised of approximately 60 skilled trades-people and ensure that all of school district facilities are maintained to district standards and regulatory requirements.

The Facility Services Department services British Columbia's largest geographical school district area spanning as far North as Mackenzie and Valemount in the East.  Facilities Services is responsible for managing and maintaining the following functions:

  • School grounds and equipment
  • Performs maintenance services to schools and other District owned facilities
  • Provide engineering and maintenance advice to school administrators concerning school equipment and operation
  • Project management services for new school construction and renovation
  • Management of Security Services
  • Energy Conservation
  • Safety and Environmental Programs

These functions are accomplished through the combined efforts of a wide network of administrators and support staff that perform specific functions as designated by the superintendent in implementing policies established by the Board of School Trustees.

Our general objective is to systematically plan and schedule facility maintenance to safeguard our capital investment, extend the useful life of the facilities, promote health and safety, and provide an appropriate environment for all that utilize the facilities.

Facility Services Operations

Brett Apolczer, Operations General Manager - Facility Services


Brodie Norn - Supervisor, Electrical/Mechanical

Darren Watson - Supervisor, General Trades

Darryl Zerr - Supervisor, Grounds/Fleet Services

Lori Akehurst, Facility Services Secretary/Dispatch                                           


Facility Services Capital Projects

Nino Maletta, Capital Projects Manager - Facility Services


Barry Bepple, Energy and Sustainable Conservation Coordinator


Jessica Paglinawan, Building Technologist


Annie Therrien, Technical Assistant


Health and Safety Officer

Nadine Neil    250-561-8241

Custodial Services

Bonnie Zarikos - Custodial Supervisor


Dave McLuskie - Assistant Custodial Supervisor


Kelly Mault - Custodial Services Assistant            


Work Requests

District authorized personnel can submit a work order for situations that are considered routine or requests for service.  Work orders are processed using an internet-based system called AssetPlanner.

Examples of routine requests and service requests are:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Carpentry repairs
  • Heating/air conditioning repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Grounds upkeep
  • Painting upkeep
  • Cartage (stage risers, choral risers, tables)
  • Fire extinguisher repair or replacement
  • Equipment repair (fridges, stoves, etc.)

Minor Renovations

These would be considered alterations to an existing facility under a designated dollar value.

Examples of minor renovations include:

  • Converting classrooms for usage
  • Improvements to general office area

Some specialized requests are first evaluated by district staff, and if approved, work is then performed on a priority basis as funds become available.

Examples of specialized requests include:

  • Carpet or tile replacement
  • Paving
  • Painting (interior and exterior)


Energy & Sustainable Conservation

The Carbon Neutral Action Report summarizes our emissions profile, the amount of offsets purchased to reach net zero emissions, the actions we have taken to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our plans to continue reducing emissions. We have been carbon neutral since 2010.

We are pleased to  provide you with this Overview of our efforts to date.

School District No 57 - CNAR 2014 - Overview - FINAL Revised.pdf

School District No 57 - CNAR 2015 - Overview - FINAL.pdf 

School District No 57 - CNAR 2016 - Overview - FINAL.pdf

SD 57 - CNAR 2018 - Overview - FINAL.PDF

SD57 - CNAR 2019 - Overview - FINAL.PDF

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