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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
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Problem Solving Model

Collaborative problem-solving is an interactive, systematic process of planning and generating solutions to mutually defined problems with the goal of providing comprehensive and effective interventions. The term "problem-solving" should not be interpreted to mean that a learning problem rests solely within the child with whom educators are working. Rather, the focus of this process is on addressing the child's needs. In addition to the child's learning characteristics this includes consideration of the learning environment, instruction, and curriculum.


The problem solving approach used in School District No. 57 (adapted from the Heartland Area Education Agency) is presented as a series of overlapping support levels for students. As the intensity of a problem increases, the amount and type of resources required to solve the problem may also be increased. The intent of this model is to assist educational personnel in becoming effective problem-solvers and to make good educational decisions based on evidence of student progress.


The process used to address a problem remains constant at each level. In addition to discussing the problem and possible reasons for it, the teacher, parent, appropriate support staff, and whenever possible, the student, consider and select strategies to work toward a solution. These strategies are then implemented and reviewed by all parties. Based on the effectiveness demonstrated, the plan of support may be terminated, modified, continued, or increased.

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