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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
Learning that Enriches the Life of Each Student

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StrongStart Centres in SD57



SchoolDaysHoursPhone Number

BeaverlyTuesday & Thursday9:00-12:00250-964-9311

Blackburn Monday & Tuesday8:30-11:30250-963-7060

BuckhornThursday 8:30-11:30250-963-7110

HarwinMonday-Friday 8:45-11:45 250-562-1773

Heather ParkMonday-Friday 9:00-12:00250-962-1811

Malaspina Monday, Wednesday & Friday8:45-11:45250-964-9874

McBride Centennial (McBride)
Thursday 8:45-11:45250-569-2721

Morfee (Mackenzie)

Nukko LakeWednesday 8:30-11:30250-967-4314

Nusdeh YohMonday-Friday8:30-11:30250-562-7201

Peden HillMonday-Friday9:00-12:00250-562-5822


Ron BrentMonday-Friday8:30-11:30250-562-2737

Spruceland TraditionalMonday-Friday8:45-11:45250-563-4208


Open 5 days a week 

Open 1, 2 or 3 days a week