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School District No. 57 (Prince George)
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District Awards

Welcome to School District No. 57 (Prince George) District Awards Program

The District Awards Program is made possible by the community.  Many individuals, service clubs, and companies in the Prince George area donate scholarships and bursaries to recognize student accomplishment.  These awards not only bestow honor on students, but also bring them financial rewards which help offset expenses when continuing their education.

The School District would like to thank the many donors who contribute to the District Awards Program!

 Please see below the updated (1) Awards Booklet, (2) Instructions to apply for Awards, (3) URL for application website:

(1) Updated version of Awards Booklet below; which includes descriptions of all of the Scholarships & Bursaries available to Graduates from School District 57 for the June 2021 Graduating class.

2020-21 Scholarship and Bursary Dec 18, 2020.pdf 

(2) All applications will need to be submitted online. Below are the instructions regarding how to apply on Fluid Review.
 2020-21 Fluid Review - Student Instructions (including D.O.I.)Dec 2020.pdf

 (3) Website link for Fluid Review: https://sd57.fluidreview.com/     

***Please note that registrations & applications are not allowed until the application time period between January 7 - February 18, 2021. All applications will need to be submitted online during this time period. Late applications will not be accepted.


Documents that graduating students will need when applying for School District 57 Awards:

- Reference Letters as required in the specific award descriptions. Additional reference letters can break a tie when our committee or donor groups meet to decide upon winners.

- FOR BURSARY APPLICATIONS ONLY (Scholarships do not require this information):  * Declaration of Family Income form for you to fill out and sign if you would like to apply for Bursaries. If there is no completed Declaration of Family Income attached to a Bursary application, you will be disqualified from consideration. (again, this only applies to BURSARY applications. SCHOLARSHIPS do not require this attachment) This form is on the last page of the "2020-21 Fluid Review - Student Instructions (including D.O.I).pdf" that is posted above.

  *The awards program opens to School District 57 applicants for the 2020-2021 Awards Year at 12:01 AM in the morning of Wednesday, January 7, 2021 and closes at 11:59 PM in the evening of Wednesday, February 18, 2021*

Selected winners will be notified at their high schools' graduation ceremonies in May-June 2021

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