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Catch the Spirit - 2015 Canada Winter Games



The Catch the Spirit Program Development Team:

Photo: Andrea Brandle, Sarah McGuffie, Chanel Nicholsen, Beth Wilcox, Kelly Johansen, Cindy Heitman, Trina Chivilo.

Missing from the photo: Kristen Helfrich, Tanya Oslie, Lea Warkentin

Today's launch of the Catch the Spirit teaching resource marks the work of 8 innovative, creative, and collaborative teachers from School District 57 – Lea Warkentin, Sarah McGuffie, Tanya Oslie, Trina Chivilo, Andrea Brandle, Beth Wilcox, Chanel Nicholson, and Kristen Helfrich. This resource is intended to celebrate the Canada Games by focusing on 5 of its overarching themes.  The French translation of the document was provided by Christine Pelletier, Sylvie St. Pierre, Louise Magnus, Nancy Gauthier, and Andrea Brown.

  • Unifying Canada
  • Healthy Living and sport
  • Official languages
  • Arts and Culture
  • And goal setting and leadership

This resource was developed by teachers for teachers, and will bring alive the essence of the Canada games right inside the classroom from K through to grade 8. The Catch the Spirit Program is one that supports the regular classroom curriculum, thus making it a valuable resource in any classroom or school. Many thanks to the team of teachers from SD 57 for their time and dedication in creating this fantastic resource. All teachers across Canada are invited to catch the spirit in their classrooms.

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