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SD57 Indigenous Education
Indigenous Transitions Program

​The Indigenous Education Worker supports students and families in all aspects related to or that will impact school attendance. The Indigenous Education Worker will work closely with other school professionals to create a successful environment for the student and or family. They will collaborate with the school team and come up with the best-suited plan for the student to successfully attend school. This plan will be presented to the student and family to ensure and agree that it is possible to achieve; the Indigenous Education Worker will work closely with this student/family to assist in obtaining success with the given plan to ultimately increase school attendance.

The supports that are put in place to assist the student and family may be school-based or community-based. These supports may be but are not limited to, connecting with the student, assisting the family with the techniques and knowledge to have their children ready for school. Support both the parents and students with physical or emotional needs. Help create a structured home and or school environment. Also create a fluent and coherent communication between family, student, and school. Connect families with outside school agencies that can begin or continue to support the student or family. The Indigenous Transition Worker's job is to advocate in any way possible to assist the student in getting back into the school system successfully.

The short term goals of the Indigenous Education Worker are to create a specific plan with the school team. Make a positive connection with the student and family. Make the family and student aware of the plan, expectations, and goals. And connect the student and family with their existing or best-suited school or outside agencies to continue to assist them.

The long term goals of the Indigenous Education Worker are to increase the student's attendance. Help create alternate ways for the student to get to and from school regularly. Re-integrate students back into the school system while building school connections. Help the family have the support they need through outside agencies and structured plans to help students attend school. Help Students and families become self-efficient with attending school successfully.

​Mauri Bell
Indigenous Education Worker- Transitions
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Katie Kelly
Indigenous Education Worker- Transitions
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