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Blackburn Elementary
Counsellor's Corner
Hello Blackburn community!
I hope you are all doing well during this time and finding ways to cope, whether it is baking, drawing, going out for a walk.
I wanted to provide some resources for the students and parents of Blackburn Elementary School.  There is a 'Time Capsule' project that students can do because this is a
unique experience. In years to come, it will be an interesting project to look back on!  There are some tips for parents to help their children maintain a healthy mind.  I also found a fun comic strip for students with tips on relaxation and self- care.
If you are are noticing that your child is having a difficult time, please email me at lmcnamara@sd57.bc.ca, and I can help provide some support and advice!

Take care,
Ms. McNamara

May-June-Session3_FS_ITK_Poster_BC 2.pdf   - In the Know Webinar: For Parents/Caregivers
Video: 'Erupting angst: collision between anger and aggression in a world of anxiety'
by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe.  Click on the "play" video near the top, right of the web page.