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École College Heights Elementary
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Return to School - June 1, 2020


In accordance with BC's Restart Plan, on June 1, 2020, École College Heights Elementary will begin to offer part time optional in-school opportunities for our students:

  • Students in Kindergarten to Grade 5: 2 days per week, maintaining less than 50% density target
  • Students in Grade 6 and 7: 1 day per week, maintaining less than 20% density target

To meet these requirements, students have been separated into the following groups:

  • Grades K-5: Group A; Group B
  • Grades 6-7: Group A; Group B; Group C; Group D

The schedule of attendance for these groups will be the following:



"This will not be a return to normal. With weeks left in the school year, we anticipate many kids will not return to the classroom until September. But we are also exploring ways to safely get some kids back to school before the summer, to allow more parents to return to work."

(BC's Restart Plan)

 It is voluntary to send your child to school in June, a decision left ultimately to each family. Students will not miss any new material or be penalized for not attending. Teachers will maintain their online platforms but in a less robust format.


Following the guidelines of Work Safe BC and the Ministry of Education, École College Heights Elementary has developed measures and protocols to ensure the safety of staff and students. This detailed document will be posted on our website. It is important that parents and students

recognize that school will be very different throughout the month of June.


The following is a brief outline of protocols and expectations that École College Heights Elementary is implementing to allow for the optional return to school.


Health and Hygiene

  • Mandatory health checks at drop-off time.
  • Continuous hygiene throughout the day.
  • High touch areas will be disinfected a minimum of twice a day, but a deep thorough clean of areas will only occur at the end of the day.
  • Hand-washing supplies are available at all times (soap, paper towels, 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer).
  • If a sink is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) will be used.
  • Physical distancing will be enforced as much as possible amongst students.
  • Staff members will be expected to maintain 2 metres of physical distance from each other.

At this time, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control specifies that Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gloves) are not needed, beyond those used by staff as part of regular precautions for the hazards normally encountered in their regular course of work. However, staff and students may choose to wear masks and gloves while in the school.


Access to the school building will be limited to staff and students in attendance only.


Any students who present symptoms of the common cold (runny nose, sneezing, etc.), influenza, COVID-19, or other respiratory diseases will immediately move to the sick room and the parent/caregiver is contacted for immediate pick-up. Parents/Caregivers must keep their child at home until they have been assessed by a health care provider to exclude COVID19 or other infectious diseases and their symptoms have resolved.


School Day

The day will begin at 8:38am and end at 2:30pm for the month of June. Students will enter the school through their classes exterior doors (only select classes will use the main door entries). Please see the following link for a map for each class' entrance.

There will be morning supervision starting at 8:18am. Students are not allowed to play on the playground equipment at this time. Parents are to drop-off and pick-up their children at the edge of school property, ideally no closer than the sidewalk adjacent to the driveway, maintaining social distancing between adults at all times.

At the beginning of each day, all students will be directed by classroom teachers to wash their hands before beginning the instructional day. Students must follow the designated arrows on the hallway floor to direct traffic flow. All students who will be coming into the school, must bring their own supplies (pencils, calculators, erasers, crayons, etc) to complete their assigned online activities. They are encouraged to bring their own toys and or games, as students may not be permitted to use any that belong to the school, as per health regulations at this time.

Students will remain in an assigned classroom and/or desk for the duration of their day at school. Students may have access to the field, under supervision, however, contact games or games involving the use of hands are not permitted.

Students are to bring their own food and water to school for the day as access to water fountains will be restricted.

The individual support your child has been accustomed to receiving will look different. Please speak with your child about these changes to help prepare for a happy return to school.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience throughout this time. We appreciate all you have done to support your child's learning.

Thank you to Kathleen Barth, Principal of Immaculate Conception, for sharing documents used to create our plan.

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact the school.


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