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College Heights Secondary
CHSS Learning Agreement.pdf

• Stop and think before reacting, while remaining calm, thoughtful and respectful.
• Show consideration by being an active respectful listener.
• Choose a positive response when faced with challenging situations.
• Use electronics appropriately and respectfully with others safety and privacy in mind.
• Respect the safety, privacy and reputation of others and yourself when communicating.

Personal Responsibility
• Make a personal commitment to demonstrate honesty, dignity, and pride in everything you do.
• Take pride in your school and surrounding community – keep it clean.
• Believe in yourself, set high expectations, and commit to do your best.
• Make good work habits your number one priority as a learner. 
• Show responsibility by keeping commitments and making deadlines.

• Respect the right of others and yourself to learn.
• Model respectful and responsible behavior while representing our school.
• Treat others with common courtesy and respect, recognizing that we live in a diverse, multicultural society that puts human rights at the forefront of our actions, by not discriminating in any form including race, color, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and nationality.
• Recognize and share your personal strengths in our community.