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Centre for Learning Alternatives
TAPS (Transitional Alternate Program Secondary)

Location:              Transitional Alternate Program Secondary (TAPS)

                              College of New Caledonia

                               3320 – 22nd Ave. (TAPS Portable  900 block)

                              Ph. 250-561-5851            

Enrollment:           60

Intake Age Range: *16 to 19  *An applicant who is 16 years of age must be competed all Grade 10 courses to be considered for the program.

Program Staff:       Two Teachers, two Youth Care Workers, one Educational Assistant

The TAPS program provides services for students at the senior high school level who, despite planned interventions, can no longer be accommodated within the mainstream school system. The program also accepts students who have already dropped out of school and may not, for various reasons, re-enter the mainstream system.

TAPS offers many opportunities to connect academically capable students to the College of New Caledonia:  CTC, CCP, the trades and other college programming. It is strongly suggested, students aged 17 and above should have English 10 and Math 10 completed and be capable of graduating with either a Regular or Adult Dogwood Certificate.​