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Centre for Learning Alternatives
Alternate Community Programs

​​​​​​School District # 57 offers alternatives to mainstream education programs. Students are required to meet specific criteria to be considered for an Alternative setting.  The last school/education facility attended by a student will provide required paperwork to a screening committee for a student to be considered for alternative services.  

At the Centre for Learning Alternatives our students love the flexibility of our programs and they value their relationship with our staff.  

We offer Cohorts in a variety of classes:

Transitions Classes

Life skills/Anxiety Classes

Jr. Alternate Classes

Sr. Alternate Classes

Super Alternate (Adult Dogwood)

We provide a safe and caring space with reasonable boundaries and expectations. Our in-take team will assess where you are in your stage of learning and support you with the services that best meet your individual needs as you move along the graduation path. When you are ready, we will help you with the next steps of your education journey. 

We offer a five-day schedule. From Monday to Thursday, each day consists of 4 blocks of academic and elective courses. On Friday mornings we offer the flexibility for our students to continue to work on their academic courses, electives or project based learning. Ventures and Student Leadership provide a great opportunity to encourage students to experience the outdoors and what Prince George has to offer.  It provides a chance for students to give back to our community. Student academic progress and behaviour is monitored weekly with our dedicated Youth Care Workers and staff.

We offer a variety of required and elective courses (art, wood working, music) taught by our dynamic team of teachers. We have a variety of classrooms, access to technology, full gym, music and art electives, full woodworking shop and an Adult Learning Centre that offers academic courses.  Learn in a safe place at your own pace! We offer a quiet room and a transition room staffed with a counsellor and classroom teacher. 

These supports are available for students who need more time and support before learning begins.
Additional Features 

Flexible Schedule 

Youth Care Workers  

Nurse Practioner 

Trauma Informed  

Indigenous Focus 

Peggy’s Kitchen (Breakfast and Lunch)


Foundry  Support

Outside Agencies Support


​​Click on the map below for locations of the Alternate Community Programs.