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Centre for Learning Alternatives
Scholarships, Awards, and Financial Aid
​​​​Student Aid BC - Grants and Scholarships

  • B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities
  • B.C. Completion Grant
  • B.C. Completion Grant for Graduates
  • B.C. Loan Forgiveness Program
  • Provincial Scholarships Program​​
BC ​Provincial Scholarships Program​
  • B.C. Excellence Scholarships
  • B.C. Achievement Scholarships
  • District/Authority Scholarships
  • Secondary School Apprenticeship Scholarships​
​BC Scholarships - Student Guide for British Columbia Students​
  • ​Imperial Oil Entrance to Instrumentation Scholarship
  • Women in Trades Bursary
  • Bursaries for Canadian Students
  • Piping Industry Journeyman Training and Industry Promotion Fund Scholarship
  • Wright Family Scholarship
  • The Culinary Institute of Canada's Applied Degree in Culinary Operations Entrance Scholarship
Trades Training BC - Financial Assistance Options for BC Trades Students​
  • ​Work BC - Apprenticeship Financial Supports
  • Government of Canada Apprentice Support Programs
  • ITA Financial Supports
British Columbia Electrical Association - Scholarship and Bursary Programs​
  • ​The BCEA Scholarship Program
  • The BCEA Bursary Program
Work BC - Apprenticeship Financial Supports
  • ​Employment Program of BC Apprentice Financial Supports
  • BC Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities
  • BC Student Loan - Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Training Tax Credit
  • Apprenticeship Incentive Grant
  • Apprenticeship Completion Grant
  • Canada Apprentice Loan
  • Canada Student Loan - Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Tuition Tax Credit for Examination Fees
  • Apprentice Mechanics Tools Deduction
  • ​​Apprenticeship Grants
  • Canada Apprentice Loan
  • Tax Deductions and Credits for Apprentices and Tradespersons
College of New Caledonia - Financial Aid and Awards
  • ​EFC - Electro-Federation Canada Scholarships
  • BC Construction Association Bursaries
  • WMIA Educational Foundation Awards
  • Work BC Apprenticeship Financial Support
  • ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships
  • Lighting 55
  • ​Culinary Scholarship
  • BC Hydro Scholarships
  • Northwestel Northern Futures
  • ​Association of BC Forest Professionals Award for Excellence 
  • Association of BC Forest Professionals Bursary
  • Canadian Institute of Forestry Bursary
  • Canfor Annual Award
  • Canfor Legacy Award
  • Dunkley Lumber Ltd. Bursary
  • Dunkley Lumber Ltd. Scholarship
  • Industrial Forest Service Ltd. Scholarship
  • Jerry Deere Memorial Forestry Scholarship
  • Spectra Energy Bursary
  • West Fraser Bursary
  • West Fraser Scholarship
  • ​​Grants for Apprentices Registered in Red-Seal Trades
  • Women in Trades Training Initiative
  • Employment Insurance
  • Canada Apprentice Loan
  • Tax Credits​
Council of Forest Industries 
  • ​COFI Annual Convention Legacy Scholarship