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Centre for Learning Alternatives

Please read through this registration process completely before completing and submitting your registration. A complete understanding of the process, prior to beginning will ensure your registration contains all necessary information and forms and is processed as quickly as possible without delays.

Should you require assistance at any stage of the process or have any questions contact an academic advisor by phone (250-564-6574 or toll free 1-800-661-7515).

How To Register

  • If the student is in grades K-7, click HERE.
  • If the student is in grades 8-9, click HERE.
  • If the student is presently registered in another school in grades 10-12, click HERE.
  • If the student is an adult (over 19) click HERE.


Student Learning Plans.  Gr. 8-9 HERE       2004 Grad Plan HERE     SLP - Adult Grad Program.pdf     SLP - Grad Adult.pdf