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Centre for Learning Alternatives
Primary Resources


‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč(Grades 1 to 3) ‚Äč
Learning in the early grades typically takes place across both grade and subject area.  Our resource pages are arranged to reflect this, and most resources will be found on several subject pages.
‚ÄčGenera‚Äčl Resources‚ÄčThe resources be‚Äčlow will be most useful if explored with an adult:
‚ÄčLanguage Arts‚Äč‚Äč


Primarily designed to supplement reading for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.


Activities, by grade level, for a variety of subjects.


Construct A Word
Build words using beginnings and endings - great for increasing phonics skills


Wired for Books 
Find links to online audio books, including Peter Rabbit Stories, some Grimm fairy tales, and some Kipling Just So Stories


Read Write Think
This site from the International Reading Association and NCTE has lesson ideas and a variety of online student resources such as graphic organizers, letter/sound games, tools for creating book covers, etc.


A variety of useful activities amd materials for reading


Games and activities based on books published by Scholastic.


PBS ‚ÄčK‚Äčids
‚ÄčPlay, Explore, and READ on PBS Kids.  Fun activities to encourage reading and thinking


Magnetic Poetry 
Create poems with Magnetic Poetry online


Have some fun with Dr. Seuss.


Jan Brett
Lots of printable games and activities, as well as some online games and activities based on Jan Brett's books. A favorite online activity for primary kids is decorating a gingerbread house.


Peter Rabbit and Friends
Games and stories related to Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Click on Fun, then Storytime, to hear the stories read aloud.‚Äč



NCTM Illuminations
Illuminations has 100 online activities available. Select which types of activities you’re looking for, and click Search


Ed Helper
An excellent source of math activites and worksheets from K to 12


Activities, by grade level, for a variety of subjects. Many good math activites for the early grades


A variety of useful activities amd materials for math


Math Drills for all grades.  Good coverage for money, time, fractions, decimals, all operations.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Number operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability


Nash's Adventures
Feels like fun and games, but packed with learning. Arranged in age ranges 5 - 7, 7 - 9, 9 - 11.


Oswego Interactive Games
Play the prepared interactive learning games or have fun making your own!‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč


L‚Äčearning Planet Math Mayhem

‚ÄčAre you ready to put your math skills to the ultimate challenge? here is your chance to compete head-to-head in this exciting, fast-paced, multi-player arena.


Base 10 Blocks
Online manipulation of these blocks will allow students to do basic arithmetic operations. It is a great tool to teach, learn, and practice, through hands-on manipulation and visualization, basic base 10 arithmetic.


Fun Brain Math
If you haven't tried Funbrain, you have a treat in store.  So many learning activities you will have trouble choosing where to start.


Cool Math 4 Kids
Cool math 4 kids is an amusement park of math and more - especially designed for fun, fun, FUN!

‚Äč‚ÄčAnimals & Plants
‚ÄčSocial Studies‚ÄčIn the first three grades the social studies curriculum progresses from self and family, through community to knowledge of our province.  Some other resources are included for interest and enrichment.
Due to the nature of the internet and the complexity of social studies resources, this area of the website will be most useful with adult assistance and supervision.
‚ÄčArt‚ÄčHere are some starting points for enriching the art curriculum:
‚ÄčMusic‚ÄčHere are some starting points for enriching the music curriculum: