Student fee envelope 2021-22.docx Copies are also available at the office, D.P. Todd accepts payments of Money Order, Cheque, or Cash.

Above is the fees sheet that were/will be handed out on the first day of school. Please note that not all fees are included on this sheet. Below are more fees that may occur.

Course Fees

​There are no charges for any secondary courses.  Students who choose a project beyond the learning outcomes of a course may supply their own materials or they may be charged for materials used to complete that project (e.g. type of wood chosen for a woodworking project). 


Deposits in the following areas are required. Upon return of the calculator, the deposit is refunded.

  • Math 11 and 12 graphical calculators ($145.00)
  • Team Jerseys
Student Services

A $10 charge for student services is used by secondary schools for activities and assistance for all students. Examples include:
  • Student Council activities, such as dances
  • School wide events such as school spirit weeks
  • Positive behavior incentive programs that recognize students achievements
  • Motivational speakers on topics such as accepting physical disabilities, leadership, and avoiding drinking and driving
  • Student ID card 

These opportunities are only made possible through the student service account, and hence this charge must be paid before participation in extra curricular activities.

Upon paying the $10 Student Service fee, students will receive their student identification card. Photos for the card are done free of charge.


Students may choose to purchase a school yearbook for $45. The yearbook is a student-produced annual record of people and events in and around the school.

Valedictory Ceremonies

Fees are $110 for the Valedictory Ceremony. We would ask that you pay this sooner rather than later as there are expenses that must be paid for in advance of the event. Please pay at the office,If there are any financial problems, please make arrangements with your Vice Principals.

 Fees include:

  •  Souvenir cap and tassel (that you keep)
  •  Gown rental
  • Folder with certificate & photo
  • Tickets for the ceremony
  • Sound, lighting and rental of the Civic Centre facility.