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D.P. Todd Secondary
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Teacher Contact Information
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Ms. Kristy ALDERSONkalderson@sd57.bc.caEnglish & Alternate Education
Ms. Kristin APPLERkappler@sd57.bc.caFoods & Nutrition
Mr. Frank BALAZSfbalazs@sd57.bc.caSocial Studies & Psychology
Mr. Chris BARNETTchbarnett@sd57.bc.caScience & Mechanics
Mrs. Shelby BARNETTsbarnett@sd57.bc.caFoods & Nutrition & Textiles
Ms. Tanya BEGINtbegin@sd57.bc.caMath & Pre-Employment Program
Ms. Kim BRIGGSkbriggs@sd57.bc.caMath & Pre Calculus
Ms. Cheryl CAWSEYccawsey@sd57.bc.caSocial Studies
Mr. Willy CHOWwchow@sd57.bc.caScience & Chemistry
Ms. Faith CLANCYfclancy@sd57.bc.caArt & Planning
Mrs. Tracy CONNELLtconnell@sd57.bc.caMath
Mr. Barry DURWARDbdurward@sd57.bc.caCummunications 11/12 & Family Studies 11/12
Ms. Jamie FILLIONjfillion@sd57.bc.caLearning Assistance
Ms. Melanie FLOYDmfloyd@sd57.bc.caSocial Studies
Ms. Kim FORRESTkforrest@sd57.bc.caMath & Pre Calculus
Mr. David  FRIESENdfriesen@sd57.bc.caPlanning, Media Studies & Business Ed
Ms. Annette GOBBIagobbi@sd57.bc.caTransitions
Ms. Alexis GUNDERSONagunderson@sd57.bc.caCounsellor (student last names M-Z)on temporary leave
Ms. Lisa HICKEYlhickey@sd57.bc.caFrench
Mrs. Dennie HICKSdhicks@sd57.bc.caCounsellor (student last names M-Z)
Mrs. Sandra JANDRICsjandric@sd57.bc.caLibrary
Mrs. Amanda JENSENajensen@sd57.bc.caSpecial Learning Resourceson temporary leave
Ms.  Sharon JOHALsjohal@sd57.bc.caMath
Mrs. Denee KELLEY (Wells)dwells@sd57.bc.caEnglish   
Mrs. Susan KLEINsklein@sd57.bc.caMusic
Ms. Janice KOZAKjkozak@sd57.bc.caPhysical Education
Mr. Jonathan LAWRENCEjlawrence@sd57.bc.caPhysical Education & Alternate Education
Mr. Ian LEITCHileitch@sd57.bc.caCafeteria Training & Social Studies
Mrs. Rebecca LUNDrlund@sd57.bc.caStudent Learning Resources & Transitions
Mrs. Kelsey McWHINNIEkmcwhinnie@sd57.bc.caStudent Learning Resources
Mr. Clint MEIERcmeier@sd57.bc.caScience & Physics
Ms. Lisa NICHOLSONlnicholson@sd57.bc.caCounsellor (student last names A-L)
Mr. Joe PEREIRAjpereira@sd57.bc.caLaw & Cultures in Conflict
Mr. Tim REEVEStreeves@sd57.bc.caMechanics
Ms. Linda RICHESlriches@sd57.bc.caDrama & Filmon temporary leave
Mr. Reid ROBERTSrroberts@sd57.bc.caPhysical Education
Mrs. Anne SAARasaar@sd57.bc.caEnglish & Yoga
Mr. Colin SCHULZcschulz@sd57.bc.caScience & Chemistry
Mrs. Jennifer SCHULZjeschulz@sd57.bc.caFrench & Spanish
Mr. Aaron SVENDSENasvendsen@sd57.bc.caWoodworking & Drafting
Mr. Ian TANNERitanner@sd57.bc.caScience & Physical Education
Mr. Glen THIELMANNgthielmann@sd57.bc.caSocial Studies
Mrs. Donna VAN DIJKdvandijk@sd57.bc.caEnglish